At age 11 and out of the blue, Jimmy lost his balance. His diagnosis is Acute Cerebellar Ataxia. He is currently wheelchair bound and we are working hard to find whatever it is that we need to fix. Here's where I'll try to keep everyone in the loop about what's going on.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 10

The fact that Jimmy's Physical Therapist is on vacation does not mean that he gets to slack off.

Working out at home, we have our ups

And our downs

He got to play wii fit during PT the other day, we'd like to practice at home but first someone's got to unlock the sitting yoga games.

A mother's work is never done.


  1. I do not know what it means to unlock a sitting yoga game on wii, but I *do* know this: I love the smile on your boy's face, even after he went ass-over-teakettle.

    Love you peeps.


  2. Plus I always thought he looked so very entirely much like Mr. Can, but in that first photo he looks like you, sistah.

  3. Love those photos!! He's got a killer smile.

    And, Ellie, I'm with you, I have no earthly what it means to unlock the sitting yoga..... very curious though...


  4. dymphna andersonJune 11, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    I bet Ryan could unlock it for you!
    Jimmy has such a great disposition!